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PowerMax Ultra

  • Redundant Universal input AC power supplies
  • Ability to operate from 100Vac to 240vac at 47Hz to 63Hz
  • Ability to operate from 127Vdc to 370Vdc (just in case something goes really wrong on the set)
  • Can be used with either one or two external rechargeable batteries
  • AC operation provides a maximum of 30 amps of power for operating equipment or charging batteries
  • 12 separate outputs on industry standard 4 pin XLR's
  • Each of the 12 separate outputs provide 12Vdc at up to 4 amps each
  • Each of the 12 separate outputs provide regulated 6Vdc (user adjustable 5Vdc to 9Vdc)
  • Each of the 12 separate outputs provide regulated 15Vdc (user adjustable from 15Vdc to 24Vdc)
  • All 36 possible output sources (12 outputs x 3 voltages each) have independent RFI and EMI filters to assure noise free operation of your modern digital equipment
  • All 36 possible output sources have individual polyfuses for protection
  • All 36 possible output sources are individually monitored for proper output voltage and possible equipment short circuit. The status of each of these is indicated on individual bi-color LED’s
  • Convenient multi color battery "Fuel Gauge" to monitor battery condition
  • Automatic shut off to protect battery from damaging deep discharge
  • Power shut off switch equipped with "5 second" timer to prohibit accidental shut off of system
  • Super quiet, internal fan cooling with user controllable "fan override".  This fan override can be controlled by your remote roll system
  • Designed and built in America
  • CE and RoHS compliant

The PowerMax Ultra™ has been designed and built specifically to provide clean, quiet power for your complete digital audio recording package. This new design easily handles the heavy power requirements of today’s digital recorders and mixers. When connected to either one or two sealed lead acid batteries it can output 12Vdc at up to 30 amps continuous, as well as 15 to 18Vdc (internally adjustable) to power your audio mixer and wireless receivers. In addition, the PSC PowerMax Ultra™ outputs 5 to 9Vdc (internally adjustable) for use in powering consumer digital recorders, small video monitors and other equipment.

The PSC PowerMax Ultra™ contains two, high capacity, on board battery chargers that are designed to operate from 100Vac to 240Vac for worldwide operation without adjustment. Each of the PSC PowerMax Ultra™’s 12 output connectors are equipped with dedicated EMI/RFI output filters to ensure clean, noise-free power for your equipment. In addition, each of the 12 output connectors are individually Polyfuse protected and is monitored for proper voltage output and over current faults.

The status of all of these monitors can be viewed from the front panel Bi-color LED's. A green LED indicates proper operation, a red LED, indicates a tripped Polyfuse (overload condition).

Size 17.25” x 13” x 3.00”
(43.8cm x 33cm x 7.6cm)
Weight 12 Lbs (5.5Kg)
Input Power 100 Vac to 240 Vac
Total Output Power Pin 1 = Ground
Pin 2 = +6Vdc @ up to 10 amps
(adjustable 5 to 9Vdc)
Pin 3 = +15Vdc @ up to 8 amps
(adjustable 15 to 24 Vdc)
Pin 4 = +12Vdc (Battery Voltage) @ up to 30 amps
Individual Outputs 4 amps each
External Batteries SLA batteries, minimum capacity of 33 amps/hr each
Charging Time 2.5 hours, typical per 33 amp/hr battery
Charger Type Constant Voltage Type,
Current Limited to 15 amps, each charger.
30 amps total charging current available
Warranty 1 Year, Limited

Features & Specifications subject to change.