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Professional Sound Corporation ® is a Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Professional Audio Products for the Film and Video Industries.
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Professional Sound Corporation® has designed and built a range of cables to meet the needs of the professional sound recordist. These ruggedly built cables provide specific audio functions that may not be found as standard features on all of your audio equipment. By utilizing these cables, the sound recordist can solve many problems both in the field and in the studio. Cable is also available in bulk. Custom wiring applications no problem. Choose your own jacket colors for easy identification!

Duplex Cables
Canare Star Quad Cable wired with an XLR male and 1/4" male phone plug to a belt clipped box incorporating an XLR female and a 1/4" headphone jack. 50' -- 200' lengths available.

XLR Cables
Our most popular cables! PSC cables are hand built, using Canare cable and Neutrik connectors. 18" (shortly) -- 100' lengths available. 3 pin male to 3 pin female cable and remember choose your own cable colors!

XLR Adapter Cables
PSC has many adapter cables available. Choose from our vast stock of connectors. XLR, 1/4" phone mono and stereo, RCA, Y cables, 1/8" mono and stereo, right angles also available. Don't forget we also have coiled mic cables. At PSC custom cables are no problem.

ENG Cables
Specifically designed for the needs of ENG users. Links your mixer to most ENG camcorders. Breakaway versions feature a quick release connector.

Nagra Interface Cables
3' -- 5' Cables available for Nagra time code out sync box, Nagra time code in, Nagra time code out, stereo line out for Nagra, or stereo line in for Nagra.

RF Cables
BNC Cables available in many lengths from 3' -- 100' BNC to BNC with RG-58A. We also carry 25' -- 100' 9096 antenna cable.

Custom wiring applications no problem